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    Beach flip flop is an ideal item for promotion and advertizing. All features like size, color, printing, shape are customized to fit your promotion purpose. Send us your design, we offer you an attractive and impress product in return with our production expertise. We also offer free design from concept through to finished product.

    Just send us your flip flops sample, we present you flip flop designs in different price levels for your requirements. Beach slippers are popular in summer, many people like to go swimming with flip flops. They are convenient for you to bring, and easy to clean at soon.

    Flip-flops are also known as thongs, beach sandals, and zories. EverpalFeet will provide you beach sandals in style with a variety of colors and material with the comfort you deserve. Whether you're walking on the town or just on sand beach, our flip flops will make your feet free and comfortable.