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    Sometimes referred to as house shoes, carpet slippers are a good choice of footwear that is made for indoor use only. With a soft sole and pliable texture for the remainder of the pair of shoes, they are to protect the feel from being comfortable, while avoiding the tighter enclosed feeling that results from wearing a regular pair of shoes.

    Just about every version of carpet slippers will keep one central function in mind. They are meant to be comfortable. The ideal slipper will not include laces or adhesive hooks that must be fastened and unfastened in order to make use of the slippers. Instead, the slippers are just what the name implies; they are a form of slip on shoes that are meant to be worn inside, where there is comfortable carpet underfoot.

    Along with being very comfortable and easy to place on the feet, these slippers are often available in all sorts of designs and materials. Typically, carpet slippers are meant to be a low fit, but that does not mean they cannot sport a number of looks. There are also corduroy style slippers for both men and women that are great for cold climates. There are also a number of fun designs, from cartoon-themed slippers to the comical but very popular fuzzy carpet slippers. Basically, there are slippers that will fit just about any budget, temperament, or sense of style.

    While limited in design, most of these low priced slippers work very well for basic wear around the house. Boutiques often provide a line of more upscale shoes, usually constructed with materials that are both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. With boutiques for men and women, the choices in design will be more tasteful and unique than in stores that carry mass-produced carpet slippers. A third option is to look for shoemakers who design and construct customized slippers.

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