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    In a vast sea of shoes, sometimes it's hard to find something convenient and stylish to wear for quick errands and summer day trips. Everpal Feet provides the perfect footwear from stylish flip flops to chic flats. When your feet are tired from wearing heels all day and you want to slip into a comfortable shoe for your commute, pull out your foldable flip flops and let the tension melt away! These compact shoes and flip flops store away in a cute and compact bag that fits easily into your purse, ready at a moment's notice. Grab-and-go has never been easier until now. You can enjoy their unique collapsible nature, they serve as the perfect companion for on the go errands, beach trips, travel, practically anywhere and come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes!

    We have created a very simple patent-pending flip-flop that is durable and also foldable & recyclable. Foldable flip flops are designed to be inexpensive or given away for FREE by businesses as a promotional good.

    The idea was for market to carry a disposable & foldable flip flop for everyone that could also be used as a promotional good by businesses. Some people want to find a factory that can produce my design at an inexpensive price made of recyclable materials.

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