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Hot Transfer
    Thermal transfer film transfer production process:
    1.The first step in the production of high-resolution images;
    2.The second step in accordance with the picture size to produce electrical outlets intaglio engraving style;
    3.The gravure printing machinery installed on the printed onto PET polyester film that is printed in a thermal transfer film to spend an hour a few kilometers printable finished pattern.
    4.The printing on thermal transfer stamping machine installed on Transfer Printing Film, simple operation, forming a pattern without trapping

Digital transfer
    Digital thermal transfer
    The first step to produce high-resolution images;
    The second step of the pattern printed by thermal transfer printer thermal transfer paper, a few hundred meters an hour;
    The third step to the pattern printing hot stamping and other general machinery to the commodity simple operation, forming a pattern without trapping.;

Screen printing
    When the plate is first coated with a photosensitive material wrist film base photosensitive film side up flat on the work surface, good wrist will stretch mesh box flat on the film base, and then put the box in the net the photosensitive paste and coated with a soft squeegee pressure, dried fully, then remove the plastic film base, attached to the wrist of the photosensitive film screen can be used for copy, by developing, after drying out the silk screen.
    Process: already stretching - skim - drying - a release sheet base - exposure - development - drying - Revised version - close up