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Product Desription
extremly durable print
high quality rubber sole
comfortable polyester surface
logo, foto and graphic printing
sizes S, M, L & XL available
water- and beach proofed
rhinestones and pins available
    Wedding flip flops are a great gift for a couple headed off on a tropical honeymoon or who just like flip flops. Our flip flops are customizable in a way that will please just about any newlywed. You can send us a picture what you love and we will put that picture on your wedding sandals. Choose a picture of the couple together or a picture of their destination, all of they are OK. You can even choose a picture of their dog or car. Whatever you think of the newlyweds, we will apply to their beach wedding flip flops.
    Because we know not any picture will match any color and not any color which match any personality, pictures are not the only thing we customize on your flip flops. The pictures are placed on the sole of the flip flops, which can be black, orange or green. The thong part of the wedding flip flops can be black, white, blue, pink, orange or green. You also have the option of having us apply Swarovski crystals in blue, green, red or white to your thongs. Our flip-flops come in all sizes from small to extra large, so you can give the gift of personalized wedding flip flops to both the bride and the groom.
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